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※ Making round tapioca pearls very fast with a speed of 16~22kg/hr. ※ No need to use screws to fix the stainless steel sieve, the tapioca pearls will be selected automatically and quickly. ※ The collection box for substandard products is used to keep production environment clean and neat. ※ The u
JH80 Kumquat / Lemon Juice Squeeze
Patented (I73766) Adjustable for output of juice. Cover made by Stainless steel. Product Feature: High efficiency with roller, output 120 kgs / per hour Roller for adjustable. Quickly and easily for cleaning. No more peel for kumquat. Product Specifications: I
PF408 Pressed Juice Machine
Product Feature: 2012 patent application Horsepower, durable, beautiful, to bring you a more rapid economic effect Can be placed on the height of the 750cc cup, your business is a good helper of choice Forward reverse scraped a lot of flesh, superior taste and quality for your drinks

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Dasin Machinery is located in Caotun Town, Nantou County of Taiwan, which is a professional manufacturer of food machinery. We started to produce commercial juicers and do OEM since 1975 and continually accumulate our experience in OEM and ODM. Meanwhile we constantly develop new products to fulfill the needs of our customers, Dasin Machinery always adhere to the principles of keeping good quality and bringing value to everyone.

Dasin use production experience of more than forty years to do OBM (Original Brand Manufacture), we also encourage ourselves with spirit of quality, service and innovation. For sustainable operation, we provide professional and intimate service, have attitude of continuous innovation and keep reliable quality.